Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Scaffolded Man

For today's post we have not an object, but a person.
Though he could not be taken home and put in a scanner, he was most certainly found in the street.

In mid-April, my friend Peyton and I discovered this man on the corner of 22nd street and Lexington Avenue.

The man was unconscious, and wholly supported by the scaffolding. In his hands, was an unlit match. A cigarette butt, which had probably fallen out of his mouth, was on the floor.


Anonymous said...

OK this man was totally high on some good smack.This man was h-i-g-h to the 10th power.

*Please note that I do not condone or advocate the use of drugs.

Lena S said...

Nice blog, Mishenka! Especially this post :)